Continuous Professional Development

At Snowdrops and Rosemary, we like to ensure that all employees undertake a comprehensive training programme that suits their experience and knowledge. Our goal is to support new employees to have full awareness and knowledge in the fields of care the agency provides support in.

Each new team member will complete an induction process within the team. This induction programme is completed over a 4 day period and is provided within the training room facilities at the agency's premises.

The induction programme includes:

  • Skills for care knowledge and practical skills

  • Policies and procedures surrounding Snowdrops and Rosemary practices

  • Care planning

  • Equality and diversity

  • Nutrition and well being

  • Medication administration

  • Adult protection

  • Personal care delivery

  • Dementia care support

  • Infection control

  • 1st aid

  • Moving and positioning

  • Health and safety

  • Continence management and support

Snowdrops and Rosemary is also keen to support new employees with obtaining national vocational qualifications in Health and Social care, providing support in accessing and managing their course work within their working career with our partners at HTP Apprenticeship College.

All new employees will be given the opportunity to work alongside experienced members of the care team prior to taking on as a Health and social care worker. Known as shadowing, each new member is given the opportunity to shadow an experienced team member in the area of work that may shortly become their own.

Supervision and training is an ongoing area of support that Snowdrops and Rosemary offer new employees, depending on the individual needs of new care members, supervision and training is continuously on offer.